Dialogue to unlock!

Trilly e Brontolo per Dialogue to unlock!

Trilly e Brontolo wearing a white t-shirt for peace… let’s Dialogue to unlock peace!

“Dialogue to Unlock” affirms the need to practice dialogue as a way to find a solution for conflicts.

An Appeal to “Unlock Dialogue”

Aware of the growing number of armed conflicts that are taking place in many parts of the world and particularly concerned about the dramatic escalation and spreading of violent clashes in the Middle Eastern region, we unite ourselves with those who are actually experiencing these tragedies and strongly appeal for the need to unlock dialogue as a path to peace.

We strongly believe that no peace can be achieved through the use of weapons, and we are convinced that negotiations and dialogue, where all parties accept equality and dignity, lead to a just and lasting peace. For this reason, we urge particularly leaders and all parties in conflict to stop using violent means, which only serve to produce more violence.

As for us, we take a more conscious personal commitment to live dialogue wherever we are, in every part of the world, to solve the large or small conflicts we encounter in our everyday lives. We ask all women and men in the world to follow this path to be promoters of dialogue in their daily lives.

As a concrete gesture, we invite whoever wishes to join us to provide some of the prompt aid needed in so many urgent situations that involve people whose fate depends also on our solidarity.

Italian version (facebook)


  • post your photo with the hashtag #dialoguetounlock
  • put your “like” on the facebook page and share it with your friends
  • first step was: wear a white t-shirt on 15th august
  • next step: skip a meal for peace… and don’t forget to donate!!!
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